eSUN Bronze filament 1.75mm - 0.5kg Spool


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A 0.5 kg roll of Bronze 3D Printing Filament designed for printers that are able to print with 1.75mm filament. Esun filament is known as one of the best around and mentioned in Make Magazine: 3D Printer Buyer's Guide of 2014 as well as the winner of numerous awards at 3D Printing expo's around the world. You're guaranteed superb quality prints without the stress of whether or not your extruder might get clogged. Now on a transparent reel, adding that slick touch to the look of your 3D printer.
  • No smelling when printing ,environment friendly and recyclable.
  • Low material shrinkage rate, less part warping and curling.
  • Outstanding toughness and Young's modulus.
  • Low processing temperature, good liquidity and processed easily. 
  • Excellent metallic bronze filament.
  • Best Print Temperature: 190oC - 220oC
  • First Layer Temperature: 195oC
  • Bed Temperature: 0/65oC
  • Raft Required: Optional
  • Feed Rate: 30-90mm/s
  • Idling Speed: 90/150mm/s
  • Usable on most PLA-compatible printers, such as Fuse, Afinibot (Reprap Prusa I3, Rostock Mini Delta, HURricane J, HURricane A), Makerbot, FlashForge, Dremel, Ultimaker, Printrbot, and more!
Difference between PLA and ABS:

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