Energy Monitoring Shield V2


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Energy Monitor Shield is an Arduino-compatible expansion card designed for building energy monitoring system with LCD screen and an interface for connecting the wireless transceiver nRF24L01+. In the basic version (without using Ethernet Shield) can group monitoring of energy consumption in three different circuits using current sensors. Information about the current level of consumption can be displayed on the LCD screen. Device Management can be organized using two buttons on the Shield. The obtained data can be transmitted by the transceiver nRF24L01 +.
  • A0, A1, A2 - involved for connecting sensors AC
  • A4 (SDA), A5 (SCL) - displayed on the connector "I2C" (the other two pin connector - VCC and GND for sensor supply)
  • Interface for connecting RF-module nRF24L01+:
    • D11 - MOSI
    • D12 - MISO
    • D13 - SCK
    • D8 - RF_CE
    • D7 - RF_CSN
    • D2 - RF_IRQ
  • Interface for connecting LCD5110:
    • D11 - MOSI
    • D13 - SCK
    • D5 - LCD_D/C
    • D6 - LCD_RST
    • D3 - LCD_CS
  • A3 - Buttons

* PLEASE NOTE: Images are for display purposes only, shield does not include screen shown on image

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