7-Segment LED Display Module


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There is four 7 segment display vir 4 digital characters inside of this module, with a PCB control back board.
  • Standard 5135 enclosure, nice look, easy to install on devices. The mounting hole dimension should 72*39 mm, and you need leave two extra cutout place for the “ear” on the side of the panel.
  • All these four seven segment display controls by 4 pieces 74HC595 ICs where are on the back PCB board. All the segment display are current limited.
  • Static driven, when the number is not changing, MCU don’t need to refresh it, save MCU resources.
  • Simple interface: +5V, -5V, data, data shift  CLK, latch LCK, only need 3 wires to MCU, save resources.
  • Can connect in series, e.g. four displays, can connect one by one, and only connect the three wires of the first display to MCU is enough. (VCC, GND, DATA, CLK clock, LCK lock)
  • If you don’t need enclosure, there are four screw holes, easy to install too.
  • Can display the dot symbol
  • Needs 300mA to display 8888, because the high brightness.


7-Segment LED Display Module

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