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Electronic Rotating LED Alarm Clock Display (DS1302)


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Electronic Rotating LED Alarm Clock Display (DS1302) was upgraded to show year, month, date, time and temperature with buttons to hide date and temperature. It is more convenient and simple to use. It has a timekeeping function which you can enable or disable to keep track at night. It has an alarm function that goes off when temperature is below or higher than the min and max temperature setting as well as a reminder setting function to remind you to turn on or off your air conditioner to keep your house at a moerate temperature.
  • Size: 81mmx81mmx1.6mm
  • Material: FR4 military grade
  • PCB board color: blue
  • LED display: red
  • Supply voltage: 5V (via miniUSB interface, power supply, the entire board is not powered by batteries)
  • Other accessories: four for the consolidation of the stud

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