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A touchpad module (touch switch) capacitive touch sensor chip based TTP229

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A touchpad module (touch switch) capacitive touch sensor chip based TTP229. The module supports up to 16 pieces of touch input channels, in which each of the sensor channels have a high sensitivity to the human touch.
The output of this module is a TTL signal, so you can easily connect this module to a microcontroller (Arduino, MCS-51, AVR, ARM, etc.).

Operating voltage 2.4V~5.5V
Built-in regulator
Stand-by current
At 3V, and sleep mode slow sampling rate 8Hz:
Typical 2.5uA for 16 input keys
Typical 2.0uA for 8 input keys
Provides to set 8 direct keys or 16 direct keys by option
Provides to set 8 separate outputs only for 8 direct input keys mode
Has I2C-bus slave interface, both can use for 8 and 16 direct input keys mode
TP229-LSF Slave Device Identifier and Address => [1010 111R]
8 separate outputs can select output driving types by option
(CMOS/OD/OC with active high/low)
Offer multi-key or single-key feature by option
Provides two kinds of sampling rate that slow sampling rate 8Hz
And fast sampling rate 64Hz at sleep mode
Have the maximum key-on time about 80sec by pin option
Sensitivity can adjust by the capacitance(1~50pF) outside
After power-on have about 0.5sec stable-time,
During the time do not touch the key pad, and all functions are disabled
Auto calibration for environment changing
And the re-calibration period is about 4.0sec, when all keys are not activated for fixed time

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