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RepRap Megatronics V2.0 board


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  • Model: 700-001-0016
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Megatronics is based on many famous open-source products including: Arduino Mega 2560, RAMPS, SD Ramps. Therefor this product is an already proven design. It combines all major features of these board into a single board solution for more reliable 3D-printing.

Megatronics has a powerful Atmega2560 processor with 256 kB memory, running at 16Mhz. The board can be connected to a PC using a normal USB cable. It will register as FTDI FT232R device. The board is compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 and will therefor be easily programmed from the Arduino IDE.

The board is supplied with a Marlin firmware. Because of the continued development and your specific needs, changes are you want to upload another firmware. You can use Arduino IDE to upload firmware to the Megatronics board. Under Linux select as board 'Arduino Mega 2560 orMega ADK'. Under other operating systems the USB will not be reset correctly and you will need to adjust the boards.txt.


For more information, please kindly visit wiki page.

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