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Xbee Pro XBP08-DPUIT-024 RF Transceiver


XBee-PRO 868 embedded RF modules provide extended-range wireless connectivity to end-point devices

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XBee-PRO 868MHz OEM RF Modules

The XBee-PRO 868 OEM RF Modules are designed to support the unique needs of long-range, low-power wireless sensor links. The modules feature low power consumption and provide reliable delivery of data between remote devices up to 40km apart.
RF Frequency: 868MHz SRD g3 band for Europe, single channel
RF Output Power: up to +25dBm, (+14dBm Italy)
Receiver Sensitivity: -112dBm
OTA Data Rate: 24kbps
Range: up to 40km (Line of Sight)
Network configuration: Peer-to-Peer, Point-to-point, Point-to-Multipoint
Packet Retry/Acknowledgement for interference immunity
16-bit Network ID
AES-128 encryption
Host communication: serial UART with RTS/CTS flow control
Power supply: +3.0V to +3.6Vdc
Operating temperature range: -40 to +75°C
Applications: Sensor networks, long-range communication for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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