EL Mask - Gas Mask


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Introducing new EL Masks of all shapes and colours!

If you're a fan of EL Lighting for events, This EL Mask is incredible for standing out in the crowd at concerts, shows or events!
The masks are made from voice activated EL Panels and stitched seemlessly against a soft black material. The EL Inverters will trigger
different parts of the masks accordingly to the sound that it hears. This makes for an awesome effect when talking whilst wearing the mask
or even at shows where the masks will trigger in time with the music.

The Mask has a voice activated EL Inverter that will take 2xAA Batteries, has an on/off switch as well as a sensitivity adjustment wheel.
The Inverter is tucked neatly into a pouch in the front of the inverter where it remains out of sight.

Since the mask is only triggered when sound is heard, it allows the mask to last around 3 or so nights of continous use at festival or show.

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