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Laser Cutting/CNC Controller Board


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A must have if you are building your own Laser Engraver or 3 Axis CNC Machine.

Often times you would need to resort to using the Arduino CNC Shield to get going with your build and make it work by changing your pinouts.
This board is designed for laser engraving and even has its own dedicated laser TTL Interface, Fan Interface and Power Port
The board is simply a carrier for the Arduino Nano which will do all the work with again using GRBL firmware. If you need other pins on the Nano
to be used (such as endstops) that is okay too - all the pins for the Nano are broken out into male pins on the board.


Power: 12V
Laser Power: 100mW to 5W
Axis: Three Axis (X/Y/Z)
Max Motor Current: 2A

The parts you will then need to complete your build which differ between machines is the following:

1x Laser Diode (up to 5W)
3x NEMA17 Motors(Up to 2A Current Draw)
1x Power Supply (12V)
1x Arduino Nano
3x A4988/DRV8825/TMC2100 Stepper Drivers
1x USB Cable

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