Intermittent Switching Relay Module, STC MCU, R0.9 View larger

Intermittent Switching Relay Module, STC MCU, R0.9


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Board Control:

  • Intermittent infinite loop Countdown switch relay
  • Control time by STC stc15w202s MCU, fully reprogrammable.
  • Lead out serial port pins, can reflash board firmware,
  • Can set 0~999 seconds (16-17 minutes) after to turn on relay. (also can program to 999 minutes or maybe hours in more complex level)
  • Also can set 0~999 after to turn off relay or hold on relay.

Other Features:

  • On board segment display to show timing.
  • Input voltage 5V.
  • On board songle SPDT relay 10A /28VDC or 240VAC.
  • One relay signal led indictor, one power indicator.
  • Two config buttons.
  • On board optical coupler, isolate relay signal.

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