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1KG Roll of Premium 3D Printing Filament .The ZEN 3D Filament brand growing popularity worldwide and its time to bring it to South Africa. The ZEN range boasts a colour palette that extends from delicate and organic colours all the way to neon and luminous. It also provides final finishes on your end product that supersede regular brands.

This filament is designed for all printers that are compatible with 1.75mm Filament.

PLA Filament:

PLA Filament is known as Poly-Lactic Acid and is a hard bio-degradable composite material.
When starting with 3D Printing we always recommend starting with PLA Plastic as it is the easiest to print with due to its low co-efficient of shrinkage. ZEN Filament has a printing temperature that ranges between 190 and 220 degrees. This range depends on any cooling features your printer might have. PLA Plastic can be used for printing models, samples, prototypes and any other parts that wont be in contact with direct heat or direct sunlight. Leaving PLA Prints in a hot car is also not recommended. PLA is also not suitable for moving or mechanical parts. See ZEN ABS Filament  for those attributes


Marble PLA combines a soft white and black speckled finish to your PLA Prints which closely imitates the look of stone marble. This filament prints very similar to PLA but may require a few temperature tweaks depending on the 3D Printer. It serves as an exciting finish to your 3D printed parts and it looks incredible!

ZEN Filament favours lower temperature settings in comparison to other brands of filament.

Hotend Temperature: 185-200
Bed Temperature: 40 - 60
Diameter: 1.75mm
Length: 330m On 1 KG Roll

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