ZEN Nylon Natural 1.75mm - 1kg Spool View larger

ZEN Nylon Natural 1.75mm - 1kg Spool


ZEN Nylon Filament 1.75mm Natural - 1kg Spool

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1KG Roll of Premium 3D Printing Filament. The ZEN 3D Filament brand growing popularity worldwide and it’s time to bring it to South Africa. The ZEN range boasts a colour palette that extends from delicate and organic colours all the way to neon and luminous. It also provides final finishes on your product that supersede regular brands.
This filament is designed for all printers that are compatible with 1.75mm Filament.

Nylon Filament:

Nylon is the toughest of the tough - Mainly used and reserved for industrial purposes, its known its low friction and abrasion qualities. Nylon can be used to print some of the strongest parts you will ever make. Keep in mind that Nylon Filament requires much hotter print temperatures (260 degrees) and a fair bit of printing experience is recommended before venturing down the Nylon Path. Unfortunately, due to the way Nylon melts as a thermo-plastic, the final finish is not as perfect as a PLA Part however the strength of the part is significantly better.

Hotend Temperature: 260 – 280
Bed Temperature: 60 – 100
Diameter: 1.75mm

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