2500mW Laser Module with TTL


2.5W Laser Module for making your own Laser Engraver.

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Laser diode modules are the next best thing when it comes to engraving. This 2500mW Laser Module will be the main component when designing your own laser cutter/engraver.
Wattages and laser modules are important when deciding what kind of laser cutter you're building. This module will safely engrave on wood and plastics(non-transparent)

Please note: 2500mW Lasers are extremely bright and should be handled with very carefully. Do not shine directly onto skin or eyes. ALWAYS operate with protective eyegear. Operating of these modules are at the users risk.


Laser Head Size: 33x33x63mm
Driver Board Size:65x43mm
Material: Aluminum + Brass
Output Wavelength: 445nm~450nm(Blue Purple-Ray)
Output Power: Max. 2.5W
Operating Voltage:DC 12V
TTL signal input 0~5V input.(0V OFF/5V ON)(TTL Modulation control the output beam OFF / ON )
(TTL Modulation: Make sure input TTL level PWM digital signal)

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