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Heat Shrink Kit (328PCS)


Ideal tubing set for Small Home Repairs, Hobby Room and Workshop.

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A Heat Shrink Wrap kit, handy in any electrical application where insulation or protection is required!
Designed to withstand all elements, safe under the hood of a car, oil resistant, UV resistant. Providing you with a fast and secure way to wrap wiring harnesses.
This kit comes with 328Tubes of 2:1 Shrink Ratio Polyolefin Tubing. This tubing will shrink to half its original size under heat. It includes 5 Colour Coded Tubes with 8 Different sizes.


- Provides a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals
- Insulate cables and wires against extreme heat
- Suitable for electrical insulation
- Strain relief
- Cable bonding, color-coding and identification.


Colours: Yellow, Blue, Black, Green, Red.
- 1mm x 40mm - 128 Tubes
- 2mm x 40mm - 60 Tubes
- 3mm x 40mm -  40 Tubes
- 5mm x 40mm - 32 Tubes
- 8mm x 80mm - 16 Tubes
- 10mm x 80mm - 16 Tubes
- 15mm x 80mm. - 16 Tubes
- 20mm x 80mm - 20 Tubes

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