XCR 2-in-1 V2 Hotend


The XCR 2-in-1 hotend allows for bowden based dual extrusion

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The XCR 2-in-1 hotend allows for bowden based dual extrusion. - Ideal for same material differnet colours extrusion.
It can be used with a range of different heating blocks and thermistors such as PT100, NTC 10k, Platinum thermistors and thermocouples.
The XCR comes with a 0.4mm Nozzle and Blue Silicone Sock to protect the heater block.
The 12V Built in cooling fan is incredibly quiet and effective in preventing heatcreep and filament blocks.

- Model:  XCR 2IN1-V2
- Total size: 30*30*62mm(main body)
- Main material: Aluminum alloy
- Filament size: 1.75mm
- Nozzle size: 0.4mm
- Cooling Fan: 12v
- Feeding type: Bowden
- Suitable extruders: Bulldog, Titan, MK8, etc.
- Color switching back waiting distance: 41mm

This Hotend does not include a heater cartridge or thermistor. Below are the recommended products to use with the XCR.

Heater Cartridge: (Recommendation)
Power: 40W/50W
Cartridge size: 6x20mm

Thermistor: (Recommendation)
Resistance value: R(25C) = 100k ~1%
Type: 100k NTC

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