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One single card protects your entire wallet from data theft.

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One single card protects your entire wallet from data theft.
You will never need individual RFID card protection covers again!

Every year more technology is invented to steal your identity, money, or personal information. And with the rise of “chipped” RFID credit, ID and debit cards, it’s easier than ever to do if you aren’t properly prepared. That’s why the RFID Blocking card, a smart, effective and simple solution for protecting against identity theft and unauthorized payment transactions.

Security: The RFID Blocking card protects your entire wallet from criminal data scanning. Protects your RFID enabled cards, passport, driving license, etc from RFID skimming (electronic pickpocketing).
Easy to use: The RFID Blocking card finds space in every purse thanks to its ultra-thin design. The durable material ensures maximum ruggedness and tear resistance.
Technology: Uses sophisticated electromagnetic jamming technology frequently used in military applications.
Convenience: You no longer need to wrap your credit card in foil. Just keep the RFID Blocking Card together with your cards in your wallet to ensure RFID security.
No battery: It lasts forever. The card has an extremely efficient energy harnessing technology which allows it to be powered by energy from RFID scanner.
Auto-adjust power: The RFID Blocking card automatically adjust power of its jamming signal to ensure your RFID enabled cards, passport etc remain protected even against very powerful RFID skimming systems.


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