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Perfect for Almost All DIY Projects

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  • Perfect for Almost All DIY Projects. Work well with Raspberry Pi, Arduino projects and breadboard style pin connectors and sockets, and these electronic pin headers are ones you need for the front panel, USB, and audio headers on a typical computer mother board and 3d printer boards etc. Use to replace or repair broken wire-to-board connectors.
  • 2.54mm JST SM Connectors Kit. The dupont connector kit comes with the most common dupont pin housings and male/female JST SM 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 crimp pins, they can meet your various needs in different situations.
  • Easy to Use. Just put the dupont crimps in the crimping tool and press them, make the crimp the insulation are all the way toward the wire. (as pic shown, but crimping tool isn't included)
  • Portable Storage Box. There's a storage box for storing and sorting these terminals&pin housing, and it can not only help pick out pin connectors you need quickly, but also carry these small accessories anywhere.
  • What You Get. 200 pcs female crimp pins; 200 pcs male crimp pins; 10 pcs 2x6p, 10 pcs 2x5p, 10 pcs 2x4p, 10 pcs 2x3p, 10 pcs 2x2p, 20 pcs 1x6p, 20 pcs 1x5p, 20 pcs 1x4p, 20 pcs 1x3p, 40 pcs 1x2p, 50 pcs 1x1p housing.(crimping tool isn't included)


JST SM Pins tool -- High Quality Connector
Dupont Crimp Pin Connector is made of durable plastic and metal, tin plating, internal pure copper to increase the conductivity, the surface with antioxidant coating can prolong the service life.

Wire gauge: 18-26AWG
Pin pitch: 2.54mm
Rated voltage: 250V

Rated current: 3A
Working temperature: 25~ 85 °C

50 pcs--1x 1 pin plug housing
40 pcs--1x 2 pin plug housing
20 pcs--1x 3 pin plug housing
20 pcs--1x 4 pin plug housing
20 pcs--1x 5 pin plug housing
20 pcs--1x 6 pin plug housing
10 pcs--2x 2 pin plug housing
10 pcs--2x 3 pin plug housing
10 pcs--2x 4 pin plug housing
10 pcs--2x 5 pin plug housing
10 pcs--2x 6 pin plug housing
200pcs x male pin crimp terminal
200pcs x female pin crimp terminal
(crimping tool isn't included)

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