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2 Cell Lithium Battery Protection Board


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Small size protection board which is suitable for highly integrated, low-cost requirements of a variety of occasions and meets a wide range of performance requirements.
The main function: Overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and is suitable for various shapes of 3.7V lithium battery capacity.

Technical Parameters:

Overcharge detection voltage: 4.25-4.35V ± 0.05V
Over discharge detection voltage: 2.5-3.0V ± 0.05V
Maximum operating current: 5A
Transient current: 7A
Quiescent current: less than 5uA
Internal resistance: <300mΩ
Short circuit protection: can be protected, need to charge recovery.
Effective life: 50,000 hours or more
Operating temperature: -40-50 ℃
Size: 38x 8x2.5mm
Connection instructions: B + B-: connect the battery P + P-: Connect the charge / discharge terminal MB: battery connection point B +: Battery V + Positive B-: Battery V- Negative P +: Output / Charge V + P-: Output / Charge V-

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