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CR-10 Mother Board


Genuine Creality V1.1.4 Board (12V/24V compatible)

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CR-10 Mother Board V1.1.4

  • Genuine Creality V1.1.4 Board (12V/24V compatible)
    • Temperature Issues Fixed
    • Thermal runaway protection enabled
    • Stepper Drivers: XYZE – Allegro A4988
    • Does not have driver overheating issues like the Creality “Silent” board (aka V1.1.5)
  • Works with the following Machines:
    • CR-10
    • CR-10 Mini
    • CR-10 S4
    • CR-10 S5

    This is the standard board for the CR-10 (All Sizes) however as the CR-10S is a different printer, this will not work in a CR-10S printer.

    Note: Do not ever plug/unplug a stepper motor when your printer board is powered. This can damage the stepper driver.

    We recommend checking the VREF adjustments on the drivers if you get layer shifts.

    The boards ship with VREF's set from Creality. The recommended VREF settings are: X – 0.8V, Y – 0.9V, Z – 1.0V, E – 0.9V



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