RS485 to TTL Module


RS485 to TTL Module (supporting EIA-485 standard) is for long range, high data rate error prone differential communication.

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RS485 to TTL Module is for long range, high data rate error prone differential communication. Digital communications networks implementing the EIA-485 standard can be used effectively over long distances and in electrically noisy environments. Multiple receivers may be connected to such a network in a linear, multi-drop configuration. These characteristics make such networks useful in industrial environments and similar applications. The RS485 to TTL Module has an on Board MAX 485 Chip (it’s a low power transceiver for RS485 communication) and 2P, 5.08mm connector for wires. All the pins of the chip are brough out and can be controlled by MCU. The board runs at 5V and is only 44x14mm.
  • Features MAX485 chipset.
  • 5.08mm (0.2″) pitch, 2-pin terminals for RS-485 easy communication and wiring.
  • 4-pin 2.54mm (0.1″) pitch headers for RS485 and Power
  • 4-pin 2.54mm (0.1″) pitch headers for DI,DE,RE,RD signals
  • Ready for mounting on standard 0.1″ pitch veroboard / perforated boards.
  • Specification Working voltage: 5V
  • Multi-drop wired communication System, requiring multiple nodes needing to talk to each other.
  • Long distance error prone wired communication
  • High data rate wired communication

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