Tesla Coil Kit (DIY Kit)


Mini Music, Plasma Horn Speaker, DIY Electronic Production Parts

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Tesla produces arc function: after power-on, the tail wire will generate an arc, which is beautiful. The arc can also ignite!
Tesla air-lighting function: After the Tesla coil is powered on, it can illuminate the fluorescent light separately!
Tesla contains music playback function: the arc stimulates the air to become a new concept speaker of the air vibration generated by the plasma! You can play mobile/computer music, but the sound is relatively small, suitable for watching the magical arc in the dead of night, listening to music comfortably.
Please note this is a DIY Tesla coil Kit parts, which needs to be soldered and assembled by yourself.


- Input voltage: 24V DC
- Source current: 2A
- Audio input: 3.5 jack, can be connected to mobile phone, mp3, computer audio


Please do not touch the heatsink after a long period of power on.
Please do not put the mobile phone,mp3 and other electronic equipment close to the coil, otherwise the coil will produce high-frequency magnetic field interference, which will result failure or even damage.
When using, be careful not to touch the radiator by hand.

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