Nozzle Cleaning Kit...
Nozzle Cleaning Kit...

Nozzle Cleaning Kit 0.20/0.25/0.3/0.4/0.5 /0.6mm

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Do not fear, Nozzle cleaners are here!

This is a full kit of different size nozzle cleaners. Essentially they are just very tiny drill bits but they really work for trying to unblock your nozzle without having to take the
whole nozzle off the printer and burn it out.

We recommend heating up the nozzle to around 250 degrees and very carefully insert the nozzle cleaner into the bottom of the nozzle (filament exit hole).
It will take a few tries to actually find the hole but once you got it, you are going to want to twist slowly to cut away any burnt filament or foreign objects in there.
At this point you need to be very careful, a quick wrong movement might snap the cleaner off inside the nozzle so try steady yourself before doing a clean.

After you have inserted the cleaner back and forth a few times, you should be ready to manually extrude and voila! Nozzle Unblocked.

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