Magnetometer QMC5883L Triple Axis

Magnetometer QMC5883L Triple Axis

A breakout board for the QMC5883L magnetometer

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This Compass Module is designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface and is perfect to give precise heading information. This compact sensor fits into small projects such as UAVs and robot navigation systems.

The sensor converts any magnetic field to a differential voltage output on 3 axes. This voltage shift is the raw digital output value, which can then be used to calculate headings or sense magnetic fields coming from different directions.

A magnetometer can sense where the strongest magnetic force is coming from. It is also generally used to detect magnetic north.

Please note: You cannot use this chip exactly like the HMC5883L, you will have to make some changes

Important: You cannot use this chip exactly like the HMC5883L. You have to make some changes in the code. Please use the QMC5883L library.


  • Using the chip: QMC5883L (Replacement of the HMC5883L)
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3-5V
  • Means of communication: IIC communication protocol

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