PIR Sensing Switch For LEDs

PIR Sensing Switch For LEDs

PIR Sensing Switch For LEDs
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Product Description


Based on infrared technology, automatic control products, when someone enters switch sensing range, special sensors to detect changes in the infrared spectra of the human body, the switch automatically switches the load, do not leave the sensor range (people activity), the switch will continue to turn on; people After leaving, switching delay automatically turn off the load. People to the lights, people from the lights out, friendly convenience, safety and energy conservation.

  • Unipolar design: with an ordinary wall switch (two-wire connection), and the load capacity of 200W
  • Automatic sensing: one to switch immediately turned on, after people left the delay is automatically turned off.
  • Non-contact electronic switch: Switch moment no big impact of current load, load extend the life of non-contact, switch no sparks.
  • Automatic sensing: light intensity without induction (factory setting), with photographic adjustment (also adjustable induction or all-day induction in any light).
  • Automatic continuous delayed: Human activity in the induction range, the switch is always turned on, until the people left after the automatic shut down and another non-continuous delay mode (Optional) delay time is adjustable.
  • Adjustable delay time: 10 seconds -350 seconds (can also be customized according to customer requirements, customized range of zero seconds to 30 minutes).
  • Low power consumption: Switch own power <0.0088W / h (annual consumption <0.077 degrees), more energy-saving than other brands of similar products ..
  • Anti lightning function: special lightning protection devices, can effectively prevent lightning and other high-voltage transient damage caused to the switch.

Electrical parameters:

  • Operating voltage: 110V-250V (not only domestic use, but also for Taiwan, and overseas, 110V power supply countries can be used)
  • Load power: 1W ~ 200W (inductive loads, such as LED lights, energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, maximum load power 100W)
  • Delay time: about 10 seconds to 6 minutes adjustable.
  • Induction distance: about 0-8 meters (and installation have a direct relationship).
  • Induction angle: about 110-140 degrees (have a direct relationship with the installation).
  • Connection: single system (two lines, with the same general manual switch wiring, no more cloth line, without any peripheral accessories, save money trouble).

Load types:

energy saving lamp, incandescent (bulbs), old-fashioned lamp (inductive with starter), the electronic fluorescent ring light, T5 lamps, spotlights, transformers, small electrical appliances, solenoid valves, mixed load (a variety of different loads together) …. all types of load!


  • Automatic lighting: corridors, corridor, basement, warehouse, garage
  • Other places of automatic ventilation exhaust fan
  • Electrical automatic contro
  • Other functions, but also can be used for security purposes

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