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XY-T01 Digital Temperature Control Module

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This digital temperature control module has a heating mode ("H") and a cooling mode ("C"), with the function of a high temperature alarm ("ALA"), delayed start ("OPH"), temperature correction function -10.0~10.0°C ("OFE" ), remote parameter reading/setting, real-time temperature report and more.

There are 2 Working modes: heating mode (when the start temperature is lower than stop temperature) and cooling mode (when start temperature is higher than stop temperature), which ranges from -50°C to 110°C; The high temperature control accuracy reaches 0.1℃
Waterproof probe: XY-T01 electronic thermostat is equipped with a 0.5-meter NTC10K probe, which is made of stainless steel, is waterproof and rust resistant, easy to use and can last for a long time.
Use for: the electronic thermostat can be widely applied in intelligent home and industrial equipment, suitable for household appliances, office machines, audio, automobiles, etc.

Reliable and durable:
The performance of the electronic temperature control switch module is stable, and the control accuracy is 0.1 degrees Celsius. In addition to being applied for household appliances, it is also suitable for industrial equipment, automobiles, etc. as intelligent protection switches or temperature control switches.

Product model: XY-T01
Power supply: DC6.0-30v or 5v micro USB
Temperature control range: -50℃-110℃
Temperature control accuracy: 0.1℃
Measuring input: NTC10K/B3950
Refresh rate: 0.5 seconds
Output type: relay output 10A
Probe type: waterproof NTC probe
Probe's length: 0.5 m
High temperature alarm ALA: sound-light alarm
Delay start OPH: 0-9999 minutes
Temperature correction: -10 to 10℃, actual temperature = measuring temperature + calibration value
Size: 68 x 42 x 15 mm/2.68 x 1.65 x 0.59 inches

Working mode/setting temperature/return temperature setting:
1. In the running interface, short press the "set" key to enter the quick setting interface;
2. After entering the quick setting interface, short press the "set" key to switch the parameters you want to set (work mode/set temperature/return temperature);
3. Use the "up" "down" key to modify the parameter value, and they support short press/long press;
4. Press and hold the "set" button for more than 3 seconds or without any button operation for 6 seconds , it will save the parameters and automatically exit the quick setting interface.

Set ALA/OPH/OFE (alarm temperature /delay starting setting/temperature correction):
1. In the running interface, long press "set" for more than 3 seconds to enter the parameter setting interface;

Set Temperature ---- SetT;
Backlash Temperature --- BackT;

1.Heating Mode:
When Temperature ≤ SetT- BackT; Relay conduction, heating equipment begin to work;
WhenTemperature ≥ SetT, Relaydisconnect, heating equipment stop work;

2.Refrigeration mode:
When Temperature ≥ SetT+ BackT;Relay conduction, refrigeration equipment begin to work;
When Temperature ≤ SetT;Relay conduction, refrigeration equipment stopwork;

3.High Temperature Alarm:
When Temperature ≥ AlarmTemperature,The system opens the sound and light alarm, and disconnects the relay, any key stops the sound light;

4.Delay Start:
When a normal heating or refrigeration work is done, the system starts to time T, and only after the T≥OPH, the system can carry out the next round of heating or refrigeration work;

5.Temperature Correction Function (-10.0 ~ 10.0°):
The system will work for a long time and may have deviations that can be corrected by this function,Temperature= Measured+ Calibration;

6.Parameter Remote Read/Set:
The parameters such as setting temperature, backlash temperature and temperature correction can be set through UART.

7.Real-time Temperature Report:
If the temperature reporting function is turned on, the product is transmitted to the terminal by the UART at 1s intervals, which facilitates data collection;

8.Relay enable (default enable):
If the relay is disable, the relay remains disconnected;

9.Restore factory Settings:
At the same time press the STOP, set key more than 3S, restore factory settings;

Working mode setting /backlash temperature :
1. In the running interface, short press SET key, enter the Quick setting interface;
2. After entering the Quick Setup interface, switch the parameters
3. Through the UP DOWN key, modify the parameter value, support short press/long press;
4. Long press SET t

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