We try our best to stock all of the items on our website, but occasionally we do sell out before replenishment arrives.


1.    If an item is sold out, you will notice that instead of saying In Stock it will say Out Of Stock, which means that you can still order the item but there will be a lead time before you get it. The expected waiting time will be indicated, and differs for each product. This lead time is based on normal circumstances and can be changed without notice. Things like random custom stops, global disasters, weather etc. can negatively affect this lead time. In cases where a lead time is extended, we do our best to dispatch the orders without any further delays, the moment they arrive.

2.    To order a back order item, just add it to your cart like you would an In Stock product.

3.    Back ordered items will be highlighted orange in your cart.

4.    When selecting a shipping method, if your order contains both In Stock and backordered items, you will be given the option to ship the In Stock items for an additional fee, which will be indicated.

5.    We ship backorders once all the items on the order have been received into stock, unless you have opted in for the shipping of In Stock items. In cases where multiple items are on backorder in the same order, we will only ship the items to you once they have all been received.

6.    Payment has to be made in full before items will be backordered. We do not hold or keep aside products that have not been paid for. The only way to reserve something is to complete an order for it.

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