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We now offer automated 3D Printing quotes to make your prototyping work as easy as possible!

Upload your 3D File.

.STL Format is mostly accepted for single file quotes. If you’d like to quote on more than one file at the same time, you can simply upload a .ZIP file containing the files you would like to get a quote.

Choose your Print Settings.

– Material (ABS, PLA , PETG, etc)
– Print Quality: Select your print quality
-Infill: Choose how strong you would like your print to be at the cost of more material.

Receive Quoted Price

Instantly receive your estimated print price. This price is based on the selection on the settings you choose.
If you would like to accept the quote simply leave your details and someone will be in touch to review your quote and start your 3D Print!

Materials Explained:

Materials are different filaments used in the printing process and they determine the strength and appearance which influences the price of the print, however colour does not affect the price.

PLA    most popular – general use  – ideal to use with supports – best overall finish  – most environmentally friendly -mainly for indoors but can be used for outdoors
PETG  strongest – similar to  nylon – great for components – ok to use with supports – good for outdoors  
ABS    strong – ideal for square type components – print supports sometimes warp which make it more difficult to print – good for outdoors
The maximum build size is  350mm x 350mm x 400mm

Tip: Each Printing Job has a minimum setup charge. If the parts are small, printing more than 1 unit is recommended.

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