Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor – AD8232

Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor – AD8232

Single Lead Heart Rate Monitor – AD8232
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Product Description

AO8232 is an integrated signal conditioning modules for ECG and other bio-electrical measurement applications.

Easily build up your ECG devices in five minutes with arduino.

The device is designed for use in circumstances in which movement or remote electrode placement of noise generated by the extraction, amplification and filtering the weak bioelectric signals. The design allows the ultra-low power analog to digital converter (ADC) or an embedded microcontroller to easily capture the output signal.

AO8232 bipolar high-pass filter to eliminate motion artifacts and electrode half-cell potential. The filter structure closely coupled instrumentation amplifier can achieve single-stage high-gain and high-pass filter, thereby saving space and cost.

AO8232 uses a constraint-free use of the operational amplifier to create a three-pole low-pass filter to eliminate extra noise. Users can select the cutoff frequency of the filter to meet the needs of all different types of applications. To improve system line frequency interference and other undesirable common-mode rejection, AO8232 a built-in amplifier for the right leg drive (RLD) and other applications that drive leads.

AO8232 inclusion a fast recovery, high-pass filter can reduce the original long established long tail phenomenon. If the amplifier rail voltage signal occurs mutations (such as lead from the case), AO8232 will automatically adjust to a higher filter cutoff state. This feature allows AO8232 can recover quickly, so after the electrode leads connected to the measurement object can obtain a valid measurement values as soon as possible.

Product Features:

  • Fully integrated single-lead ECG front end
  • Low Supply Current: 170 uA (typ)
  • CMRR: 80dB (DC to 60Hz)
  • Two or three electrode arrangement
  • High signal gain (G = 100), with OC blocking ability
  • Adjustable high-pass filter 2-pole
  • Accept the half-cell potential of 300mV high Dashi
  • Quick Recovery feature reduces setup time filter
  • No use constraints of the operational amplifier
  • 3 pole adjustable low-pass filter with adjustable gain
  • Lead-off detection: select AC or DC
  • Integrated right leg drive (RLD) amplifiers
  • Single-supply operation: 2.0V to 3.5V
  • Integrated reference buffers generate a virtual ground
  • Rail-to-rail output
  • Internal RFI filter
  • 8kVHBMESD Ratings
  • Shutdown pin


  • Fitness and exercise heart rate monitors
  • Portable ECG
  • Remote health care
  • Gaming peripherals
  • Biological signal acquisition


  • Size: 30mm’30mm
  • Net weight: 10g

Technical Parameters:

  • Voltage: DC3.3V Power
  • Analog Output
  • Low power control
  • LED indication
  • The electrode interfaces 3.5mm

Package includes AD8232 board, professional ECG cable, three biomedical sensor pad

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