MKS GEN L 3D Printer Motherboard
MKS GEN L 3D Printer Motherboard
MKS GEN L 3D Printer Motherboard

MKS GEN L 3D Printer Motherboard

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The MKS Gen L is one of the more popular 8-bit boards from Makerbase. It puts in all the great features found in the ramps 1.4 + Arduino setup, into a single high quality 4 layer PCB.
Replaceable drivers mean you don't need to worry about a faulty or blown stepper motor driver and it also means that you are free to chop and change your setup with the TMC2100 range or DRV8825 for extra current.

The MKS Range also suggests to use their incredible 2.8" and 3.2" touch screens with their boards but you're certainly not limited to them. The MKS is fully compatible with Marlin firmware which allows for a ton of customization and ongoing features.


- Support a variety of stepper drivers such as A4988, DRV8825, TMC2100 and LV8729, available to change the stepper drivers and motors as users like.
- Supports a range of drivers such as A4988, DRV8825, TMC21300 Series, LV8729 - See drivers here
- Broken out stepper motor signals to allow for using high current drivers such as the TB6600 or 4A WanTai Drivers.
- Onboard Regulator that supports both 24V and 12V.
- Filter circuit that helps reduce EM Interference and possible print failures.
- Common CH340 Serial chip
- Fully supported by Marlin firmware as a direct ramps 1.4 replacement.
- LCD Support: 2004LCD - 12864LCD - MKS TFT28 and MKS TFT32
- Colour coded X, Y, Z Axes Connectors on the board match up with colour coded End Stop Connectors. Making it very convenient to wire up.

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