Ordering Process


1.    You can find products by searching or browsing our product categories.

2.    Click the Add To Cart button on a product’s page to add the item to your cart or click on the Add To Cart button in the product listings.

3.    Once you are happy with your selection and would like to check out the order, click the cart link at the top of the screen and proceed to check out.

4.    In order to check out, a user account is required. If you have already registered, you can simply enter a username and password. If you haven't, please follow the instructions for creating a new account.

5.    After selecting a shipping address or creating a new one, you can choose a delivery method, or select Collect if you would like to pick up from our store in Cape Town.

6.    Available payment methods will be displayed. You can pay by EFT, Zapper, debit or credit card. Please note, only certain debit cards will work for online payments on websites. The card needs to have raised numbers on the front, a CVV number on the back and an expiry date.

7.    Once your payment has been confirmed on our side, unless any items are back ordered, we will dispatch your order within 1-2 working days. Chances are, if you do your shopping early (before 2pm) you will likely get your order the next day, but this depends what time of the day you pay, if a valid proof of payment has been sent (if using EFT) and what area you stay in. We will email you a tracking number which you can use to view your delivery progress online.


Back Ordering Process


We try our best to stock all of the items on our website, but occasionally we do sell out before replenishment arrives.


1.    If an item is sold out, you will notice that instead of saying In Stock it will say Out Of Stock, which means that you can still order the item but there will be a lead time before you get it. The expected waiting time will be indicated, and differs for each product. This lead time is based on normal circumstances and can be changed without notice. Things like random custom stops, global disasters, weather etc. can negatively affect this lead time. In cases where a lead time is extended, we do our best to dispatch the orders without any further delays, the moment they arrive.

2.    To order a back order item, just add it to your cart like you would an In Stock product.

3.    Back ordered items will be highlighted orange in your cart.

4.    When selecting a shipping method, if your order contains both In Stock and backordered items, you will be given the option to ship the In Stock items for an additional fee, which will be indicated.

5.    We ship backorders once all the items on the order have been received into stock, unless you have opted in for the shipping of In Stock items. In cases where multiple items are on backorder in the same order, we will only ship the items to you once they have all been received.

6.    Payment has to be made in full before items will be backordered. We do not hold or keep aside products that have not been paid for. The only way to reserve something is to complete an order for it.


Returns Process


We strive to supply you with quality products. Most of our products go through rigorous testing by the manufacturers, but there are times when products just don’t work as planned. Due to the nature of the products, “tinkering” with components generally involves working with exposed electronics and subjecting them to power sources, tools, other hardware, interface cables and let's not forget static electricity. Because of the specialised nature of what we sell, we have to get more information and potentially assess products before refunding or replacing any hardware.


If you feel that you would like to return a product, you'll need to follow the below steps.


1.    Send an email to orders@netram.co.za explaining the reasons for your return.

2.    We may need to troubleshoot the issue telephonically or over email to rule out certain things. It could turn out that a return is not necessary.

3.    If we cannot sort the issue out we will then send you a form which you will need to fill out and send back to us.

4.    If it is determined that an assessment is in order, you will be notified and we will arrange to have the product collected from you*. The items will need to be in their original packaging and not damaged in any way.

5.    Once we receive the product, it will be assessed and a repair, exchange, credit, or refund will be issued. Please note that assessments can take up to 30 days but we will strive to have it sorted out within 10 working days.

6.    Assessments will determine if faults were due to manufacturing or improper use. Improper use is not covered by our warranty and returning products that were not used correctly can result in us billing you for the initial collection and subsequent return delivery.


Shipping Process


1.    If your order total is R650 or more we will ship it to you for free. Please note that this only applies to main centres in South African. Outlying areas a shipping fee of R125 will be charged.

2.    We use MDS Collivery and The Courier Guy as our main couriers.

3.    Once your order has been picked up by the courier we will send you a tracking number.

4.    Please just note that packages will not be delivered on weekends or public holidays unless a special arrangement has been made.

5.    If you don't receive your package by the end of the day after ordering it let us know and we will find out what the holdup is.

6.    Please note that factors like strikes, weather, traffic and road accidents can delay delivery.



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