Creality UW-01 Wash and Cure Station

Creality UW-01 Wash and Cure Station

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Creality UW01 Washing and Curing Station: Elevate Your Post-Processing Experience

Introducing the Creality UW01, an all-in-one washing and curing machine designed to streamline your 3D printing post-processing. This innovative machine incorporates advanced features that simplify model finishing, ensuring optimal results with convenience and precision.

Key Features:

  1. One-Step Post-Processing:

    • Special control system allows for one-step completion of the model post-processing.
    • Achieve efficient and seamless post-processing with ease.
  2. Double-Row UV Lamp Beads & 360° Rotating Platform:

    • Built-in LED beads with 18 UV lights compatible with most resin printers.
    • Double-row 9-bead design offers a higher irradiated area, enabling quick and even curing for larger models.
    • 360° rotating tray with magnetic force and reflective mirror ensures comprehensive curing from all angles.
  3. Large-Size Washing Container:

    • Washing container size of 190x154x200mm accommodates larger models for cleaning.
    • Sealed container and lid prevent cleaning solution volatilization, allowing for repeated use.
  4. Adjustable Speed & Optional Time Settings:

    • Three-gear speed mode for both washing and curing processes.
    • Optional washing and curing times ranging from 2 to 90 minutes, catering to diverse model requirements.
    • Delicate models emerge with precision through customizable curing and washing durations.
  5. LED HD Touch Button and Large Screen:

    • Equipped with touch-sensitive buttons and a large LED screen for a premium user experience.
    • Immediate suspension of curing when the machine cover is removed, avoiding light source glare and reducing light pollution.
  6. Multiple Functions:

    • Supports both washing and curing functions, streamlining post-processing tasks.
    • Versatile functionality for comprehensive model treatment.
  7. Self-Adjustable Bracket:

    • Suitable for most resin printing platforms with flexibility in the z-axis.
    • Adaptable bracket design ensures compatibility with varying model shapes and sizes.

Technical Specifications:

  • Curing Size: φ165x200mm
  • UV Lamp Beads: Double-row design with 18 UV LED lights
  • Rotating Platform: 360° with magnetic force and reflective mirror
  • Washing Container Size: 190x154x200mm
  • Speed Modes: Three-gear adjustable speed
  • Time Settings: 2-90 minutes for washing and curing
  • Control Interface: LED HD touch button and large screen
  • Functions: Washing and curing models
  • Bracket: Self-adjustable, flexible in the z-axis
  • Safety Feature: Immediate suspension of curing upon cover removal

Elevate your post-processing workflow with the Creality UW01 Washing and Curing Station. With its advanced features and versatile capabilities, this all-in-one machine ensures efficient and precise post-processing for your 3D-printed models, providing a seamless transition from printing to the finished product.

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