SD / TF card expansion board

SD / TF card expansion board

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This SD card shield is a standard SD card / TF card break out board for Arduino. The SD card shield adds storage to your Arduino project.

Stackable SD Card Shield is a stackable design Arduino SD / TF card expansion board. It supports direct insertion in the Arduino board to extend SD / TF read and write functions.
SD / TF card expansion board uses the Arduino hardware ISP interface, so only supports SIP mode SD / TF card.
This expansion board uses only a handful of Arduino pins, so the stack design allows you to plug in another expansion board on this board, provided that the same SPI pins are not used, such as Bluetooth expansion board, GPRS expansion board.
Many electronic enthusiasts have provided Arduino with a simple documentation program. And we provide a simple TinyFAT file system library, you can easily achieve Arduino control SD / TF card reader - this library only supports FAT16 small capacity card, such as 1G card, if you need to support FAT32, you can use Arduino heard Official library.

Compatible SD card, Micro SD card and SDHC card supportable.Prototype expand Library support
Size: 53mm x 47mm
Pin With SD Card 5V
D12-- SD_OUT

If you need those two for I2C communication like a display shield, you have to use Analog pin 4 and Analog pin.
Put the SD shield on whatever arduino you have. Using the labels on the shield and arduino, make sure the pins match. Use the wiki instructions' "Compatibility" section to find out what position the 3.3V/5V selector switch should be in, and whether you need to remove ALL 3 of the adjacent SPI Jumpers on the top of the board given the arduino board you're using. For the arduino DUE,you can remove these jumpers and keep the switch on 3.3V.

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