Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester
Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester
Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester
Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester
Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester

Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester

DC Volt Meter panel Voltage Electric Measure 2-Wires - 0.36" 3.2-30V
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The Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester - the ultimate companion for precise voltage measurements in your car, battery car, motorcycle, or any other application that requires accurate voltage monitoring. With its compact design and reliable performance, this voltmeter is a must-have tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Technical Data:

Display Panel: The large and easy-to-read display panel measures 22.5 mm x 14 mm, ensuring clear visibility of voltage readings.
Compact Dimensions: The Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester boasts a total length of 31 mm, including mounting ears, with a thickness of 12 mm. This compact size allows for convenient installation in tight spaces.
Mounting Hole Specifications: The voltmeter features a mounting hole center distance of 27 mm, with a diameter of 2.5 mm, enabling hassle-free integration into your setup.
Measurement Voltage: With a wide measurement voltage range of DC 3.2-30V, this voltmeter ensures compatibility with various power sources. It utilizes a 2-wire connection system, with the red wire for positive and the black wire for negative connections.
Supply Voltage: The Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester operates using a collinear DC 3.2-30V supply voltage, ensuring efficient power delivery for accurate measurements.
Measurement Accuracy: Offering an impressive accuracy of 0.5% (+/- 1 bit), this voltmeter guarantees precise readings, providing you with reliable voltage information every time.
LED Display: Equipped with three 0.36" digital LED tubes, the voltmeter showcases voltage readings with exceptional clarity. The display color is vibrant green, enhancing visibility in various lighting conditions.
Refresh Rate: With a refresh rate of approximately 500mS per cycle, the voltmeter updates the displayed values quickly and efficiently.
Operating Temperature: Designed to withstand challenging environments, the Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester operates flawlessly within a temperature range of -10 °C to 65 °C, ensuring reliable performance in both hot and cold conditions.
Reverse Polarity Protection: Built-in reverse polarity protection safeguards the voltmeter and your electrical system from potential damage, offering peace of mind during usage.

Make accurate voltage measurements a breeze with the Small Voltmeter Digital Battery Tester. Its versatility, compact size, and reliable performance make it an indispensable tool for any voltage measurement task. Whether you're a professional mechanic or an automotive enthusiast, this voltmeter is your go-to companion for maintaining optimal electrical performance in your vehicles and other voltage-sensitive applications.

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