3D Printing Quotes Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Have you ever been designing a part to be 3D Printed and wondered how much more would an extra section cost?
Perhaps you want to design the part without supports to save costs but you don't really have the time to send the file through for someone to check.

Well it's all about to change.

The Netram Team is super excited to introduce our new Automated 3D Printing quotation system which allows you to upload your file, select your settings and receive a near perfect estimate of what it would cost to print using our 3D Printing Department.

How it works

  • Upload your 3D File.
    .STL Format is mostly accepted for single file quotes. If you’d like to quote on more than file at the same time, you can simply upload a .ZIP file containing the files you would like to get a quote.

  • Choose your Print Settings.
    – Material (ABS, PLA , PETG, etc)
    – Coating (Some Materials such as ABS can be smooth coated. More coating processes are coming soon)
    – Print Quality: Select your print quality
    -Infill: Choose how strong you would like your print to be at the cost of more material.

  • Receive Quoted Price
    Instantly receive your estimated print price. This price is based on the selection on the settings you choose

Setting Selections


Select from a range of available materials and colours that best suits your part


Certain materials will allow for post processing, such as ABS Acetone Smoothing or Simple Paint Primer for PLA

Printer Quality

Select your Print Quality.
Low quality is great for prototypes while Premium Quality is best for small and detailed models. Normal Quality is perfect for most parts


Infill Selection allows you to customize your part density, saving you cost on material but still keeping your print strong.

Submit for Review

Finally, Submit your quote for review by our operators to make sure everything is ready to go.

Not all 3D Files are built the same. Some manual adjustments to the print settings might need to be made in order to achieve the perfect print.
That's why we have operators on standby to quickly review a quote and send through your final price that may be slightly lower or higher than quoted.

Someone will be in touch with you with your official quotation shortly after submission.

Over the years we've had great feedback about our 3D Printing Services but we've always thought the way in which we offer it could be easier. While this process makes life a whole lot simplier and has been tested thoroughly, there are some minor limitations to be aware of:

  • Max File Size: 60MBs - This is temporary, if you have particularly large files please feel free to email them to production@netram.co.za

  • Supports .STL mainly for now. If you would like to upload more than one file at a time, you can upload a .ZIP file which contains only those .STL files that you wish to receive quotes on. It will try its best to unpack the models as best it can.

Click the button below to start printing! We look forward to hearing from you.

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