4 Channels Relay Remote Module (12V)
4 Channels Relay Remote Module (12V)
4 Channels Relay Remote Module (12V)

4 Channels Relay Remote Module (12V)

A incredibly useful 4 Channel Relay with a 315 Relay for Latching, Toggle and Inching.
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This is a 4 channel DC12V wireless remote control kit that runs off 315Mhz RF. This handy setup offers a wireless range of +-900 meters of operating distance within the 315MHz range. Functionality extends to Idea 100s of different applications and mostly ideal for situations such as controlling garage rolling doors, DIY Automatic gates, lights, curtains, fans,electrical windows and basically anything else that needs to be switched with a relay from a distance. This module requires only 12V Power and you're ready to switch relays.
This module has 3 modes. Toggle - Latching - Momentary. These modes can be selected by moving the jumper on the PCB Board.(see below)


  • DC 12V Input
  • Operation distance range up to 900 meters (open area - line of sight)
  • 4 channel complete remote control system supplied with one keyfob transmitter.
  • Easy learn keyfob transmitter.
  • Adjustable working mode, toggle, latch and momentary.
  • Independent receiver or transmitter is available

Technical data:

  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Static current: ≤9mA
  • Relay contact capacity: 10A 250V AC/10A 30VDC
  • Receiver sensitivity:>-105dB
  • Dimension: 76x55x18mm
  • Operating frequency: 315MHz
  • Load power: ≤100W/channel@ resistive, ≤ 40W/channel@ Inductive
  • Work mode: Toggle, latch, momentary.


Operating modes:

Toggle mode: Self-locking contact. A contact holds until you press the same transmitter button again. A, B, C, D (buttons on the remote) channels work independently. (Press once for on. Press again for off)

Momentary mode: Press the transmitter button, the relay is on until you release it. Only one channel can be on at any time.

Latch mode: Press the transmitter button, the relay is on till you press another one. Four channels latch each other and only one channel can be on at any time. Just like the wind-speed buttons of electronic-fan, press a wind-speed button, the fan runs at a certain speed until you press another button.

Teaching/Learning New Tranmitters:

1)  Press the learn button until the indicator light turns on then release the button.
2)  Press any transmitter button within 15 seconds, the indicator will flicker fast, this means the learning is successful. If there is no any input within 15 seconds, the transmitter will automatically cancel learning after the indicator light fast flicker.

Deleting pairing code:

1)  Press and Hold the Learn Button until the indicator light turns on.
2)  After 8 seconds, the indicator light will turn off, release the learn button. Then codes have been deleted.

Note: Each module will support 30 remotes,  If you teach over 30 remotes. The 31st remote will automatically remove the pairing of the 1st transmitter in the system.

Encoder Type:
These are fixed codes and completed soldered.
Please note that if you are using a transmitter that supports rolling codes such as ET or Centurion remotes, they will not be compatible. This module will only support standard 315Mhz remotes.




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