QC4.0pd3.0 Quick Charger Module for...

QC4.0pd3.0 Quick Charger Module for Mobile Phone

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The QC4.0pd3.0 Quick Charger Module for Mobile Phone is a compact and versatile charging solution that is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike. Measuring just 50 * 19 * 12mm, this module can be powered by batteries, solar panels, DC generators, or a 12V power adapter to quickly charge your mobile devices.

With a wide power supply voltage range of 6-35V and high performance input for anti-reverse connection, this module can deliver fast and efficient charging to your mobile phones and laptops. Plus, its fast charging status indicator shows a blue light for output and a red light for fast charging status.

To ensure optimal charging performance, it is recommended to use the original data cable for low voltage and high current fast charging. Additionally, a low internal resistance USB meter should be used to measure charging voltage and current for accurate readings.

This module supports fast charge protocol compatibility with USB PD3.0 (PPS), Samsung AFC, Qualcomm QC4+ / QC3.0vlVo 9V 2A dual engine, Huawei SCP / FCP, MediaTek PE2.0, and Apple 2.4A. The Type-C port is used for output charging, with a C to C / Type-C male to male dual head data cable to charge mobile phones or laptops. The OPPO mobile phone must be charged with a USB port, while QC4+ / QC4.0 / PD3.0 and other protocols must use the Type-C port.

When the power supply voltage is higher than 12V, the C protocol peak value supports 20V 3A output. The module is small in size, so it is important to keep good ventilation and heat dissipation when used in a notebook with PD charging. And, when both the USB port and Type-C port are plugged into the mobile phone at the same time, both ports will output at 5V.

With an external MOS tube, double wire, and iron-aluminium magnetic ring, this charger module delivers high efficiency and lower heat generation under the same charging power. Additionally, it features dual parallel low resistance electrolytic capacitors and 61206 ceramic capacitors for reliable and long-lasting performance.

In summary, the QC4.0pd3.0 Quick Charger Module for Mobile Phone is an excellent charging solution that provides fast and efficient charging to your mobile devices in outdoor, car, or power outage situations. Its compact size, versatile power supply, and fast charging capabilities make it a must-have accessory for DIY enthusiasts and adventurers.

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