433mhz RF Link Kit - 500M Long Distance
433mhz RF Link Kit - 500M Long Distance
433mhz RF Link Kit - 500M Long Distance

433mhz RF Link Kit - 500M Long Distance

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500M long distance 433mhz RF link kit

Performance reference:
Explanation about the purpose of the output signal of LED:
When any button of the remote control is pressed, the receiving end decodes, and after the correct decoding, the LED will output
A high level signal 1, when the remote control button is released, the LED output becomes 0. That is: only when the reception is valid and decoded correctly, it will be output.

Product parameter:

Working voltage: DC2.5~5V
Quiescent current: ≤5mA
Output current: 10 mA
Working frequency: 433MHz
Receiving sensitivity: -108dB
Frequency band: +0.2MHz
Working temperature: -25~9~175C
Output: 4-channel CMOS high-level signal corresponds to the ABCD 4 button of the remote control.
Can learn to store the number of different remote controllers 15~24
When the remote control button is pressed, the output of D0, D1, D2, D3 is high level, and when it is not pressed, it is low level.

Wiring diagram
Pin instructions
GND: Ground or negative 2.5~5V
+ V: DC 2.5~5V input
DO: data output
D1: Data output
D2: Data output
D3: Data output
VT: output

Application Environment:
Remote control switches, receiving modules, motorcycles, automotive equipment products, household products, electric doors, shutter doors, windows, remote control sockets, remote control LEDs, remote control remote control electric doors, garage door remote controls, remote control retractable doors, remote control doors, Pan door, remote control door opener, door closing device control system, remote control curtain, host, remote control motorcycle remote control electric car, remote control MP3. Remote control vehicles, medical equipment and other civil and industrial supporting remote control fields, with the advantages of simple supporting, safe and reliable use, are the matching choice for the majority of modified products.

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