nRF24L01L Long Range Module R2...

nRF24L01L Long Range Module R2 (1.1Km, PA+SMA)

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Nrf24l01L wireless module, use NRF24l01 IC from Nordic and works at 2.4Ghz worldwild open ISM band, working data speed up to 2 Mbps, 125 channel can reach multiple channel and jumping channel needs, operation voltage 3.3-3.6V, transmit power up to 20 dBm, then sensitivity can reach -86dbm at 2 Mps high speed. This module is designed for long distance as well as high speed transferring, pins and interface are fully compatible with normal NRF24L01+ module, no need extra control pins (two extra pins without silk print can connect to GND). Compact, easy to use, simply extend the communication distance.
Features of Module:
  • Voltage 3-3.6v (recommended 3.3v) V
  • +20 DBm maximum output power
  • Emission mode operating current (peak) 115 MA
  • Receive mode operating current (peak) 45 MA
  • Power-down mode current 4.2 UA
  • Operating temperature -20 ° C
  • Receiving the Spirit of 2Mbps mode -92 dBm
  • Receiving the Spirit of 1Mbps mode -95 dBm
  • Receiving the Spirit of 250Kbps mode -104 dBm
  • PA gain of 20 dB
  • LNA gain of 10 dB
  • Coefficient of 2.6 dB LNA voice
  • Antenna gain (peak) 2 Dbi
  • 2MB rates (Open area) distance 520 m
  • Wireless remote control, somatosensory equipment
  • Active RFID, NFC
  • Smart grid, smart home
  • Wireless Audio
Feature of NRF24L01:
  • 2.4Ghz worldwide free open ISM band
  • High working speed up to 2Mbps, high efficient GFSK modulation, can transfer audio or video.
  • 125 channels for multiple communication or jumping channels communication.
  • Embedded CRC error-check and point to mutiple point communication control
  • operation voltage at 3.0-3.6V (3V3)
  • External 2.4Ghz antenna, compact  18mm * 30mm
  • Module can set address by software, only output data when device receive right address, can directly connect to any MCU, and easy to programmer.
  • 2.54 pins space, compatible with normal module interface, easy to replace.
  • 51, AVR reference code is available, simply copy and modify
  • Transfer distance can reach 1000 meters @ 250 Kbps (normally can reach 0.8KM)

  • Including antenna (Do not replace the antenna, otherwise it may not work)

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