125Khz RFID Long Distance Reader...
125Khz RFID Long Distance Reader...
125Khz RFID Long Distance Reader...
125Khz RFID Long Distance Reader...

125Khz RFID Long Distance Reader Module, 40CM, Serial

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This RFID Module is very similar to the our standard 125Khz RFID Module
However, this guy can do up to 40cm in distance if you are using the large/thick standard 125Khz RFID Cards. It will also do up to 25mm using standard keychain Tags.
It comes with a 1000uf Capacitor to install on the postive and negative line to give it a bit of an extra boost. It also comes with a much larger 95mm x 95mm Antenna.
This makes it great for doing readings through wooden doors and objects. Provided the object you are trying to use this module against is not metal. Using these modules
next to metal will detune the antenna(not permanently) but it will decrease its ability to scan properly in that state.


Further reading distance than standard modules
Fast decoding ability to allow for quick scans.
Low power consumption
Industrial grade, these modules have been tested over and over again to be sure they are fit for production lines and industry grade work.
Supports Wiegand 26bit Access Control Standard.


Frequency: 125KHz
Baud Rate: 9600 TTL level output. You can also choose to use Wiegand 26 to output the UID.
Voltage: 3.5V to 6V
Current: 25mA
Known Supported RFID Chips: EM4100, 4001, TK4100, EM4305
Coil Dimensions: 10mm x 10mm
Reading distance: up to 40CM when using the 97x97cm Antenna + Thick EM Series RFID Cards (Reading distance is greatly dependant on the RFID Chip used + Antenna)

D3 + D4 -> Antenna wires (they are not polarity sensitive)
TX -> RX on your micro-controller or TTL Module
+ -> Power from either 3.5 to 6V
- -> Ground.
Capacitor(Optional): Connect the Capacitor to - and + if your distance or readings aren't good enough.

Projects and Documentation:
Getting Started with RFID and Arduino

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